Short, sweet and to the point read this novel: Red Rising.

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No, this isn’t a book where the great mother Russia rises from the ashes and slays the capitalist pi- *ahem*.


Red Rising is yet another book about a white teenager facing overwhelming odds while being broody and since he is a man he naturally is special and has the answer for everything.

Yet, I could not look away from it.

Red Rising’s space opera / Roman-inspired aesthetic and culture with emphasis on conquering and defeating your enemies in combat while incorporating star ships and swords was just too much to turn away from.


Red Rising analogizes the seduction of White society in America with whites in this scenario being the Golds. Our protagonist and former slave turned Gold due to genetic and artistic hubris that literally involved tearing his flesh off and grafting new flesh on while succumbing to loss of bowel control and inhuman screaming pinned me to this book.

The more I read, the more I realized that Darrow doesn’t really : “Have the answers.” People in Gold society just like what he says, and so they follow him, and he begins to figure out just what in gold society works.


But make no mistake, Darrow is not in Gold society for fun and games, he is there to destroy it from the inside. The astounding part is that, I’m two books in and he still has not forgotten.

The splendor and power that Gold society offers just doesn’t fool him. He knows what they are about, power, narcissism, and power struggles.


Our protagonist will not always succeed, he fails and in many instances almost gets killed, but somehow he always finds a way to rise.

I suppose that is the point to this book: How one started from the bottom now he’s there. He gets knocked back down, and claws his way back up whether his enemies like it or not.


Oddly enough, this book is aimed at teens but the amount of cursing and death makes me wonder whom this book is actually for.

Currently, Red Rising has two entries: Red Rising, and Golden Son both published by DelRay Books.


I highly recommend this book to readers or fans of the following

-The Hunger Games

-Assassin’s Creed

-The Elder Scrolls

-Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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